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Book your Kafer Wies'n-Schanke Tent tickets at the Munich Oktoberfest with Tickazilla and be one of the lucky few to have a reserved table or table seat inside this World-famous beer tent. One of the more exclusive, smaller tents, the Bavarian log cabin of the Kafer Wies'n-Schanke Tent offers a rustic, sophisticated atmosphere to a more affluent crowd alongside local and international celebrities. Our service at the Oktoberfest encompasses a full-range package to accommodate your needs and to ensure your visit is a truly memorable experience. All guests will be welcomed personally by our team, at our designated meeting point at the Oktoberfest, before a member of our team (host) escorts you to the reserved table seats inside the Kafer Wies'n-Schanke Tent. You will experience the Oktoberfest from a local perspective, where our team will introduce you to some interesting Bavarian facts and traditions, plus delicious food specialities.
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